What’s the rarest car in Rocket League?

The Black Dieci wheels are one of the rarest sets of wheels in Rocket League and are valued at around 30,000 credits or $300 in real-life currency.

Does car shape matter in Rocket League?

There are six different body types that cars can have in Rocket League. Each body type affects each car in different ways, providing them with better height, boost, handling, speed, and other features. It could be said that each body type caters to a specific role or playstyle in this racing game.

What are the 3 main cars in Rocket League?

The Breakout is one of the three default cars in Rocket League, alongside Octane and Merc, coming with its own Breakout body type.

Is Fennec better than octane?

The Octane is more curved, pointier, whereas the Fennec may fill some of these boundaries easier, and thus, can be easier to control and understand the hits that come off of the car. If you like the Octane, the Fennec may feel better in terms of fitting the hitbox.

How rare is a white octane?

1/168 chance of getting a white octane. You’d have a better chance to just trade directly for it. 1/168 chance of getting a white octane.

What is the coolest car in Rocket League?

  • The Octane. There aren’t many real cars out there like the Octane, the MVP of Rocket League.
  • The Merc.
  • The Breakout.
  • The Batmobile.
  • The Fennec.
  • The Dominus.
  • The Scarab.

What cars do pros use RL?

  • Octane. Credit: Psyonix.
  • Fennec. Credit: Psyonix.
  • Dominus. Credit: Psyonix.
  • Batmobile. Credit: Psyonix.

What car do most pros use in Rocket League?

Octane. There’s something to be said for nostalgia, and as the car that every Rocket League player started off with, there’s a lot of affection to be had for the Octane. The most used car in the game by both casual and pro players, the Octane has drawn a lot of love from gamers through the years.

What hitbox is skyline?

The Rocket League Nissan Skyline features a Hybrid Hitbox, giving it the height and maneuverability to truly dominate in Rocket League. The Hybrid hitbox is the second tallest in Rocket league, with the Rocket League Nissan Skyline sharing the same dimensions as cars like the Endo, Venom and X-Devil.

Is Takumi a good car?

The Takumi doesn’t just have some of the best stats, it also has a smooth, steady feel that’s easy to handle and fun to drive. If you’re down with obtaining the Supersonic Fury DLC, this is a vehicle worth trying.

What is the longest car in Rocket League?

All Rocket League Battle Cars have a similarly sized hitbox, with the Octane being the tallest and the Dominus having the largest overall surface area.

What boost Do RLCS players use?

Alpha Boost’s real name is “Gold Rush (Boost).” Rocket League cars can be customized in a great number of ways, one of which is the substance and color of the car’s boost.

What is the shortest car in Rocket League?

Plank is the shortest car, but compensates for it with width, covering a bigger area to hit the ball while flying.

Which car is the fastest in Rocket League?

Being a great Rocket League player isn’t just about speed, but if you’re wondering about the fastest car in the League, it probably won’t surprise you to find the Octane making the list. It’s one of the best all-around cars, and that includes speed to pull off 50/50s in a match.

What is octanes IQ?

OctaneIQ is a comprehensive Intellectual Property platform extending IP and Legal services to global corporations, research institutions, technology driven industries to procure and protect Intellectual Property Rights across the globe.

Who is octanes best friend?

7/7 Octane And Lifeline

With both of these Legends being bubbly, confident, and incredibly skilled, it’s no wonder they get along so well. And no wonder, as those familiar with the lore know that these two have been friends since before they both entered the game.

Is octane Apex a girl?

7/7 Octane And Lifeline

With both of these Legends being bubbly, confident, and incredibly skilled, it’s no wonder they get along so well. And no wonder, as those familiar with the lore know that these two have been friends since before they both entered the game.

How much is TW Fennec worth?

The Titanium White Fennec has always been popular. It deserves to be popular, it’s a gorgeous color-scheme that fits the adorable Fennec design perfectly. At its peak, the Titanium White Fennec costs around 20,000 Credits in the Rocket League Item Shop, pretty nuts for a decal.


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