What is ORC in NZ?

On Road Costs (ORC) are the costs involved in us receiving a new vehicle from the manufacturer and preparing it for sale. Most vehicle manufacturers in New Zealand quote their prices as RRP + On Road Costs.

How old do you have to be to have a Trade Me account?

2.1 Becoming a Member

It’s free to become a Member of Trade Me, but we do have some eligibility terms. To become a Member you must: be at least 18 years old and able to enter into contracts; be a resident in New Zealand or Australia (unless we specifically agree with you otherwise); and.

How do I contact TradeMe?

  • Email. Email dealer sales team. motor[email protected]. Email dealer support. [email protected].
  • Mail. Trade Me Motors. PO Box 3776 Auckland 115
  • Accounts. Bank Account Name. Trade Me Limited Bank. Bank Account Number. 12-3244-0003076-0 GST Number. 72-491-38

What does RFB mean NZ?

RFB is a common terminology used by kiwis to describe an RB powered Nissan (Skyline, Cefiro, Laurel etc) that’s been DIY’d to all hell. It’s like haggard garage, except an entire culture. Example A; Tying your R34 to a tree and ripping till something catches fire.

Do you pay full price for a car?

You can always ask for the dealer’s “best price,” or simply request a discount. But if the answer is no and you still want the car, you’ll have to pay sticker.

Is driving in New Zealand difficult?

Yes it is very easy to drive around New Zealand. Roads are in great condition, people drive relaxed and outside of the cities is is quiet on the roads. Just remember to drive on the left.

Can I drive a US car in NZ?

Yes. Most left-hand drive vehicles have to be converted to right-hand drive (RHD) before they can be driven on New Zealand roads. For modern vehicles, this is either very expensive or impractical – especially if the vehicle has a modern frontal impact protection system (eg airbags and crumple zones).

Did NZ ever drive on the right side of the road?

One of those countries was Great Britain, which in 1835 made it mandatory to drive on the left side of the road. All other members of the British Empire followed suit, and that’s the main reason why New Zealand and 73 other countries are right-hand drive today.

Can I have 2 Trade Me accounts?

Outside of having one personal and one business account per member, we don’t allow multiple accounts on Trade Me.

What sells well on Trade Me?

The hottest non-essential items for sale right now are mountain bikes, caravans, spa pools, Lego blocks and couches. “We saw a spike in users as soon as the Prime Minister made it clear online buying and selling could happen under alert level 3.

Does it cost to withdraw from Trade Me?

Keep in mind:

If you need to end an auction, you’ll be charged a $3 withdrawal fee (or the applicable success fee if it sells). You’re able to apply for a success fee refund if the buyer pulls out of a sale.

Is it safe to buy on Trade Me?

Whether it’s handbags, clothing, gadgets, smartphones or tablets, we’re all about making sure Trade Me is a safe and trusted place where members can be confident in their purchases. We don’t allow the sale of counterfeit goods because it’s illegal. Sellers are responsible for making sure their items are genuine.

What if the buyer doesn’t pay on Trade Me?

Apply for a success fee refund.

Most issues are resolved this way. We’ll try to get the trade back on track by reminding the buyer of their obligations.

What happens if I get scammed on Trade Me?

If we decide to refund you under Buyer Protection, your money will usually be returned to the source (either your card, bank account or Ping balance) used to purchase the item.

What does OTP mean NZ?

Find us some game – Look for a potential partner. Hook up – Get together. OTP – Drinking alcohol. Crunk – Crazy drunk.

What does Ow mean in NZ?

‘Ow’ is a term for you or someone. It can be added to just about any sentence and still make sense to a Kiwi.

What does BZ mean in slang?

Busy. Sound it out, and you’ll understand why bz means “busy.” This abbreviation saves texters and chatters a few characters when typing in a hurry. Typically, people will send you bz when they are currently too busy to talk to you.

What should you not say to a car salesman?


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