What are the CARS and stars strategies?

Cars n Stars aims to improve the reading comprehension skills of young readers who experience some difficulty in understanding the meaning of texts. It is a highly structured program which provides an intensive focus on developing the 12 reading strategies.

What is the highest level in CARS and stars?

Every CARS & STARS student subscription gets full access to all nine levels (AA–H) of the program. This is currently the equivalent of the content of 18 printed books!

What does 3 stars on a car mean?

Second highest rank i.e Lt. General, Vice Admiral and Air Marshal have 3 stars and a full rectangular flag on their vehicles.

Whats a good cars score?

What’s a Good CARS Score? The score range of CARS is 118-132 (curved scale). A good CARS score will vary from school to school, but generally, a score of 128 will put you in the 90th percentile.

How do you improve my cars score?

  • Read more! Focus on the topics that you don’t like — I’m looking at you dense philosophy passages.
  • Work on some untimed practice to hone your comprehension.
  • Change up how you review questions you missed.
  • Identify why you are missing questions.

What is the lesson behind cars?

Relationships matter more than fame and success. Lightening McQueen, a rookie race car, competing in the famous “Piston Cup,” has had a single focus all his life: winning. But midway through the movie, he becomes painfully aware that he lacks friends.

Which car is the most exp?

What cars can you VIP?

What kinds of cars get the VIP Style? Almost any sedan can qualify, but most of the modders like the S-Class Mercedes, Lexus LS, and GS, or Infinity Q45 sedans. The range can go from a subtle tire and a three-piece wheel swap, lowered and cambered, to extremes.

What is the highest ranking car?

Is a 4 star car rating good?

If a car gets a five-star rating, this means that there is a less than 10% chance of a serious injury. Cars with a four-star rating have an 11-20% chance of a bad injury in them. If some cars have a three-star rating, then this means that there is a 21-35% chance of a serious injury during a crash.


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