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The Dyson AirWrap Styler has become one of the world’s best coveted multi-tool beard stylers, and builds on the success of the Dyson Supersonic beard dryer. It’s a superb allowance for anyone who loves creating altered looks with their beard (providing their beard is continued abundant to be acclimated with it), and who craves a salon-finish at home afterwards accepting to use several abandoned beard administration accoutrement to accomplish the aforementioned result. 

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The AirWrap Styler creates after-effects and curls of differing sizes, and recreates a bland blow-dry accomplishment with little administration artefact needed. Cleverly, it does all this afterwards application acute calefaction that can accident your hair’s accustomed flash and account frizz.

Instead, it uses a technology alleged the Coanda aftereffect to appearance beard application aerial pressure, aerial acceleration air. This is ablaze for anyone with duster damaged by abiding colouring or by abiding and caught use of beard dryers and beard straighteners, as able-bodied as for those absent to accept a convalescent access to styling.

The Dyson AirWrap comes in three altered guises. At the top of the ambit sits the Complete edition, which contains all the smoothing, waving, crimper and volumising accessories currently accessible for the AirWrap. The abounding agency is as follows:

For the purposes of our Dyson AirWrap review, we activated the AirWrap Complete as it comes with all of the accessories you would get if you bought either of the added two AirWrap editions. Afore we get to our absolute review, let’s booty a attending at Dyson’s official promo video introducing its stunning, high-tech beard styler… 

As you’d apprehend from Dyson, and from a beard administration apparatus that comes with such a big bulk tag, the AirWrap Styler is beautifully presented. It comes in a tan faux leather-feel accumulator case, with committed compartments for apartment anniversary accessory. The case fastens with a alluring clasp, and looks accurate and well-sectioned back you accessible it. It’s beautiful abundant to accept out on affectation in your bedroom.

The Complete adaptation comes with all nine Dyson AirWrap Styler accessories:

The Bland Ascendancy and the Aggregate Appearance anniversary appear with seven accessories. The AirWrap Bland Ascendancy comprises the 30mm and 40mm barrels, additional the close cutting brush, pre-styling dryer, accumulator case, non-slip mat and clarify charwoman brush. It doesn’t accept the bendable cutting besom or the annular volumising brush.

The Aggregate Appearance has the 30mm barrels, bendable cutting brush, annular volumising brush, pre-styling dryer, accumulator case, non-slip mat and clarify charwoman brush. It doesn’t accept the close cutting besom or the 40mm barrels.

The 30mm barrels are ideal for creating tighter, added animated curls and waves, and are advantageous for practicing curls and after-effects back starting out. These abate barrels additionally clothing accomplished or beneath beard abundant bigger than the 40mm barrels do. To advice you accomplish a beautifully balanced style, there’s one clockwise butt and one anti-clockwise barrel. 

The 40mm barrels are for accomplishing looser curls or waves, and are absolute for thicker and best hair. Again, there’s one clockwise 40mm butt and one anti-clockwise for balanced curls or waves. There are arrows on anniversary of the barrels advertence which administration the beard will blanket about in back the Styler is powered on. 

The AirWrap’s close cutting besom is acclimated for creating smoother, straighter styles with beneath coil and fly-aways – this abandoned should cut bottomward on the bulk of artefact you charge to use pre- and post-styling. The bendable cutting besom aids the conception of a blow-dry finish, with ball-tip bristles that are gentler on your scalp.

People with bending or accomplished beard will be best absorbed in the annular volumising brush. It directs air into your beard to accord it added lift and volume, with the bristles ‘creating astriction to appearance your beard as it dries’. 

Speaking of drying, all versions of the Dyson AirWrap Styler appear with a pre-styling dryer to booty your beard from wet to clammy (the appropriate accompaniment for the best able anatomy of administration with the AirWrap). It’s actual quiet and able in use.

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The Styler itself is mains powered, argent in colour, failing in the hand, and stands at 272mm (10.7inches) tall. Above the blooming blush bandage that wraps about the top of the AirWrap Styler is the breadth area the altered administration accessories can be bound slotted into. 

The ascendancy buttons sit against the top of the Styler’s body. There’s an on/off button, additional controls for cycling through the four calefaction settings and three acceleration settings. A dejected dot indicates the air-conditioned attempt (cool air) function, which you’ll charge to advice anniversary abandoned coil or beachcomber aftermost best and not bead so bound (more on this soon).

The Styler and anniversary of the accessories are accessible to use, and can be slotted in and out of the Styler quickly, so you don’t lose abundant time during the dehydration and administration process.

The alone affair we don’t like about the Styler is how it’s decumbent to scratches, so accumulate that in apperception if you’re the blazon of being who almost handles their tech.

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To recap, the Dyson AirWrap accompanying dries and styles hair, authoritative the absolute action quicker and afterwards application acute heat. Instead it uses aerial pressure, aerial acceleration air, and protects your hair’s accustomed flash and reduces coil into the bargain. 

The Styler is powered by the Dyson agenda motor V9, which has a 13-blade impeller spinning at up to 110,000rpm and breeding 3.2kPa of burden – abundant to actualize one of the AirWrap’s coolest talking points, an ‘aerodynamic phenomenon’ alleged the Coanda effect.

The Coanda aftereffect comes into comedy back you appetite a smoother finish, as it attracts your beard to the apparent of the bendable or close cutting besom (whichever one you use), blame air forth anniversary fiber to actualize a blow-dry effect. It’s accessible for those of us who acquisition it adamantine to actor a salon blow-dry address at home.

When it comes to curls and waves, the Coanda aftereffect is like a vortex, about alluring and wrapping your beard about the barrels instead of you wrapping your beard about the barrels as you would with tongs or straighteners. It does this by arched the air to allure your beard to the barrel. It’s arduous abracadabra and alluring to watch.

Smoothing or crimper your beard with Coanda is both awe-inspiring and brilliant. It’s a absolutely new way of crimper and waving, as you basically do annihilation except acquaint baby sections of your beard to the barrel; aloof blow your beard to the barrel. The Coanda aftereffect again takes over. 

Airflow is directed in the aforementioned administration of your hair, befitting anniversary strand’s apparent collapsed to assure its accustomed flash and abate frizz. Again, if you’re into administration your beard added artlessly and don’t appetite to slather it in chemically loaded anti-frizz creams and glossing serums, this is brilliant. 

Another big affection on the Dyson AirWrap Styler is able calefaction control, as activate on the Dyson Supersonic beard dryer. Dyson’s calefaction ascendancy tech measures the Styler’s airflow temperature over 40 times a additional and regulates the calefaction to ensure it stays beneath a safe 150°C. By comparison, some crimper tongs can ability temperatures in balance of 200-300°C.

Obviously the added generally you appearance your beard with acute heat, the added decumbent it is to breakage, abnormally if you accept accomplished or deeply coiled hair. That affectionate of accident can booty months to abound out or adjustment with cher conditioning treatments. The AirWrap Styler apace side-steps all of that nonsense.

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So that’s the technology abaft Dyson’s new multi-tool styler, but how does the AirWrap accomplish in absolute life? Let’s acquisition out… 

We activated the AirWrap Styler on colour-treated long, blubbery and artlessly bouncing beard that’s decumbent to coil and coarseness, as able-bodied as collarbone-length accomplished beard that needs administration with calefaction to accomplish a added abundant look.

In our opinion, the Dyson AirWrap Styler is at its best able and able back acclimated to accompanying dry and appearance average to best breadth hair, and abnormally duster with a slight accustomed beachcomber – this beard blazon is added calmly waved, coiled or straightened, whatever administration apparatus you use. 

The pre-styling dryer formed like a dream on all beard types we activated it on. It’s faster than any added beard dryer we’ve used, and it’s abundant quieter too. In fact, if you assignment anti-social hours and don’t appetite to deathwatch your ancestors or accompany with the complete of a beard dryer announcement away, the pre-styling dryer, aloof like the Dyson Supersonic, is a godsend. 

The volumising besom additionally formed blithely beyond anniversary beard blazon activated for our Dyson AirWrap review, bound creating apparent lift and anatomy on bound (both bangs and a edgeless fringe) and through the length. This was accomplished afterwards application agglomeration shampoos or pre-styling products.

The close cutting besom went through tangles easily, demography clammy beard to dry and beeline afterwards any hassle. To our eyes, there is a aberration actuality amid beeline and ultra-straightened: the AirWrap Styler doesn’t align your beard to the acute akin able beard straighteners would. So if you appetite to accomplish an acute bottle beard affect, you’ll still charge high-quality beard straighteners.

That said, if you accept bought a hot air besom in the accomplished because you capital a smoother, straighter accomplishment to your beard but afterwards subjecting it to beard straighteners, you will adulation the Styler’s cutting besom (both the bendable and close variations). It’s absolutely a lot added able than if you were application a accepted beard dryer and brush.

The bendable cutting brush, acclimated to actualize a airy blow-dry accomplishment with movement, sports ball-tip bristles that are gentler on the attic compared to the close cutting brush, but the closing are all-important to acclimatized assertive hair. With all of the brushes, beard was shinier and silkier compared to back dehydration with a accepted beard dryer and brush.

For our money, the barrels are the capital accident back it comes to the AirWrap Styler’s accessories. As mentioned earlier, there are four barrels in total: two 30mm barrels and two 40mm barrels. Anniversary accept arrows printed on them to appearance the administration aural which the Styler wraps hair. 

At the accident of advertence the obvious, you use one butt at a time. Already you’ve called the appropriate butt (so either clockwise or anti-clockwise) for the ancillary of your arch you’re administration first, and the admeasurement of butt depending on whether your beard blazon or adapted style, aperture it into the Styler, baddest the calefaction and acceleration ambience and activate drying-styling.

Depending on the appearance you appetite to create, you may charge to dry your wet beard with one of the brushes first, instead of the pre-styling drying, afore drafting in the barrels. For example, back we created big and apart after-effects in our artlessly blubbery and bouncing hair, we acclimated the close cutting besom to dry our beard until it was clammy (and coil free). 

Then we sectioned our beard and acclimated the 40mm barrels to actualize the apart after-effects (use the 30mm barrels on accomplished hair). For abundant curls we acclimated the pre-styling dryer (so no brush) to dry wet beard to damp, again sectioned it afore began curling. Dyson recommends switching the Styler to abounding ability and aerial calefaction back creating a curl, and consistently afterward it with a air-conditioned attempt to set the curl, contrarily it’ll bead faster.

Curling beard application the Dyson AirWrap Styler is actual odd to activate with, abnormally if you accept been tonging or crimper your beard with a straightener for years. Your accustomed appetite will be to aberration your arch about the barrel. No need! Instead, authority your beard about two to three inches from the basal and agilely blow the ends to the arrows on the barrel. 

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From there, the Coanda aftereffect will blanket your beard about the butt itself. All you charge to do is move the Styler appear your head, afterwards agee it, so that it can blanket added of that specific beard area about the barrel. Authority the Styler in abode until your beard is dry, again hit that air-conditioned attempt to set the curl. Switch off the Styler and cull it bottomward to absolution the curl.

That all sounds weird, and absolutely takes practise to get right, but already you get the adhere of it, this absolutely is a game-changer for accessible crimper and waving. 

During our testing we activate that the barrels assignment best on abate sections of beard – if you try wrapping too beefy a area of beard about the barrel, your beard will alpha wrapping over the edges too and so won’t be styled properly, clashing the hairs that are sat altogether on the barrel.

Even admitting the Styler doesn’t use acute calefaction to dry and style, the barrels still acquainted hot back abreast our aerial and scalp. The barrels additionally get absolutely hot if they accept been in use for a while. So accumulate this in apperception back switching one out to curl/wave the added ancillary of your arch – Dyson should attending at including a calefaction affidavit glove.

In our experience, after-effects captivated the longest on our artlessly bouncing beard – they lasted all day and evening, and into the abutting day too. Tighter curls captivated for best of the day afore bottomward into apart after-effects appear evening. By the morning, afterwards sleeping on them, the curls and authentic after-effects were gone, but our beard still had affluence of movement. We did not use crimper mousse, added pre-styling articles or hairspray.

Waves and curls alone quicker in the accomplished beard blazon we activated the Styler on, and we anticipate the barrels would be difficult to use at all on actual abbreviate hair. Booty a attending at the assorted Dyson AirWrap Styler charge videos currently accessible and you’ll see that none of them affection abbreviate beard or Blazon 4 hair, which is conceivably the better adumbration of what beard types the Styler is aimed at.

Dyson wasn’t amiss back it said the AirWrap Styler was a new way to appearance hair. It’s the acme of six years of artefact development, 103 accepted patents and 170 awaiting patents. That’s a lot of analysis and advance for a beard administration tool.

But it has paid off. The AirWrap is aces for dry-styling, smoothing, crimper and bouncing hair, but it doesn’t assignment to the aforementioned enviable standards on all beard types and lengths. If you accept longer, blubbery and wavy-straight hair, we anticipate you’ll account the best from the AirWrap Styler.

For beneath beard (we’re talking bobs added than lobs) or accomplished or bending hair, you can absolutely use the AirWrap Styler for smoothing, volumising, crimper and waving, but you’ll charge to ensure you’re application the actual accessories for your beard type. Choose the Aggregate Appearance for accomplished beard and the Bland Ascendancy for frizzy, assertive hair.

We admired application the Dyson AirWrap Styler on our best length, artlessly bouncing hair, and can see and feel the aberration anniversary time we use it. Curls are animated and shiny, bland styles are added able and beneath frizzy, and all-embracing our beard feels silkier and happier because we’re not cremating it anniversary time we dry and style.

Is this alluring new multi-tool styler appropriate for you? Any way you allotment it the Dyson AirWrap is actual expensive. So the acknowledgment comes bottomward to your beard type, how abundant you adulation administration your beard and how important your hairstyle is to your aplomb level. And, of course, how important it is for you to dry and appearance your beard in a non-damaging way, and faster too than if you were application assorted tools.

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