Is DISCOVERY Cars com legit?

Is Discover Cars legit? Yes! Discover Cars is a trustworthy car rental platform. They provide quick responses and are easy to communicate with.

Who is Discovery car owned by?

EconomyBookings has a consumer rating of 4.12 stars from 4,052 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with EconomyBookings most frequently mention customer service, friendly staff and next time. EconomyBookings ranks 2nd among Car Rental sites.

What company makes Discovery cars?


Where is EconomyBookings based?

The first version of the website was introduced to the world. The company Booking Group was founded on May 9, 2008, in Riga, Latvia.

Is Workzly a genuine site?

According to many sources and reports, the site Workzly is a fake and scam website. It gains the trust of the people and then escapes with the money they stole after cheating them.

Is Baebrry a reputable site?

This site is incredibly shady and uses what appears to be a fully valid USPS tracking # to make it appear the item was shipped and delivered but they are shipping to a wrong address within your zip code instead. Trust the reviews and DO NOT take the chance.

Where is Discovery car made?

Halewood Plant, United Kingdom: Makes the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque. Nitra Plant, Slovakia: Makes the Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover Defender.

Where is Discovery car from?

The Discovery Sport is manufactured at the Jaguar Land Rover Halewood assembly facility, in Halewood, Liverpool, United Kingdom, alongside the Range Rover Evoque.

Is Land Rover reliable?

The cost of repairs means that Land Rover comes in the bottom 10 when it comes to charges, in 31st place. Which? also rates Land Rover so low, with Land Rover taking the last place in their reliability tables until their 2021 survey, where Alfa Romeo was revealed as the least reliable brand.

Which Discovery is the most reliable?

The most reliable Land Rover Discovery is the Series II. The series II was produced from 1998 through 2004 and is the engine is much more reliable than the other generations of the Discovery.



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